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Oil Field Services

Corrosion Engineering:

Corrosion and coating problems can be addressed in refineries, petrochemicals plants, gas plants, pulp and paper mills, mines, municipal facilities and pipelines with AIR NL testing and consulting services. The combination of the latest laboratory techniques and innovative field testing methods provides the best information to solve corrosion problems. Regular services include:

  • Materials selection
  • Coating specification
  • Process analysis
  • Assessment of alloys for replacement of older equipment.
  • Evaluation of the effects of proposed process modifications.
  • Testing of corrosion-resistant coatings in simulated-service environments.
  • Identification of active mechanisms.
  • Corrosion product analysis including SRB bacterial testing.
  • Corrosion inhibitor evaluation.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • Pigballing

Laboratory Facilities:

  • Fully equipped metallurgical laboratory for microstructure characterization.
  • Autoclaves for pressure vessel simulation.
  • Standard NACE cells
  • Computerized corrosion-data analysis including flow modeling and risk assessment of pipelines.
  • Real-time monitoring of corrosion tests.
  • Corrosion control program design & management Custom developed chemical and metallurgical analysis for corrosion testing.

Field Corrosion Testing:

  • Portable potentiostat – corrosion tests in pipes, tanks and pressure vessels.
  • Site specific probes.
  • Remote long-term data collection.
  • Evaluation of coupons and corrosion probes.
  • Ferrite content testing of weld overlays.
  • Bond testing.
  • Hardness testing of liner applications.

Specialized Services:

  • Evaluation of existing corrosion management practices to identify and priorities opportunities for improvement.
  • Optimization of inspection and maintenance activities.
  • Sour service corrosion testing including HIC, SCC and custom designed simulation tests.
  • Design and development of corrosion monitoring systems to detect potential corrosion problems and regulate corrosion control programs.
  • Design of corrosion control programs by, laboratory analysis, risk assessments and system audits.


To assist our clients in the organization and effective completion of scheduled and unscheduled plant shutdowns or turnarounds, we have compiled a team of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and project co-coordinators capable of providing a complete range of services. Our personnel are familiar with refineries, gas plant, petro-chemical and power generating facility operations and the many unique non-destructive testing requirements, which may be encountered. This experience, combined with extensive training has resulted in a highly efficient and competent turnaround team.
AIR NL offers a complete range of standard and specialized non-destructive techniques including; liquid penetrates (LT), magnetic particle (MT), gamma radiography (RT), ultrasonic (UT), and eddy current (ET). Our engineering and specialty testing personnel can also provide the following services:

Video Inspection

  • Video probes
  • Fibre scopes
  • Bore scopes
  • Robotic Systems
  • Underwater Systems

Specialty Testing

  • Remote Field Eddy Current
  • Tank Scanning
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Electronic Hardness Testing


  • Failure Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Welding Procedure Development


Thorough understandings on how plants operate as well as equipment failure modes are part of the unique services AIR NL offers.

AIR NL provides clients with specific programs and technically competent professionals for the development, training and implementation of Asset Integrity Management Programs.

AIR NL provides research and consulting services to industry with emphasis on pipeline, tanks, pressure piping, pressure vessels, furnaces, heat exchangers and power generation equipment. AIR NL is devoted to helping industry reduce its repair costs and downtime losses.

The Asset Integrity Management Program can help clients in areas such as:

  • Corrosion and erosion control.
  • Defect assessment.
  • Engineering critical assessment (ECA)
  • High temperature erosion and corrosion of alloys.
  • Thermal spray coatings.
  • Evaluation of corrosion inhibitors.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Fatigue.
  • Hydrogen-induced cracking.
  • Welding and repair methods.
  • Stress analysis.
  • Measurement of mechanical properties.
  • Destructive examination.
  • Corrosivity assessment.
  • Stress corrosion cracking studies.
  • Weld metal and heat-affected zone microstructure and properties.
  • Refractory inspection.
  • Advanced NDE.

AIR NL develops and implements Asset Integrity Management programs which provide the necessary regulatory requirements for the inspection of in-service pressure equipment including repairs and alterations. Asset Integrity Management Programs provide methods to pro

Some of our specific capabilities include:

  • Evaluating hydrogen-induced cracking using ring validation tests and H2S saturated solutions.
  • Lifetime prediction of engineered structures.
  • Numerical modeling (finite and boundary element methods) for stress analysis and fracture mechanics.
  • Studies of aqueous and non-aqueous corrosion, including high temperature, high pressure autoclave experiments.
  • Engineering field repairs and alterations of pressure equipment.
  • Modeling analysis for corrosion prevention.
  • Designed of on-line corrosion monitoring systems.
  • Storage tank integrity assessment.


AIR NL performs plant asset appraisals and serviceability evaluations for gas plants, refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide.

Drawing upon its in-house specialists, AIR NL offers an independent service dedicated to assisting clients in optimizing the file, availability and profitability of industrial plant assets or making buying decisions consistent with strategic, economic, safety and environmental targets.

AIR NL Specialist provides:

  • Plant integrity audit.
  • Equipment condition inventories.
  • Remaining life surveys.
  • Inspection and monitoring strategies.
  • Preventing maintenance strategies.
  • Run/repair/retire decisions.
  • Plant shutdown schedules.
  • Risk and hazop studies.
  • Cost/risk optimization.
  • Failure analysis/expert witness.
  • Procurement and tender evaluation.
  • Life extension cost forecasts.
  • Equipment design options.
  • Life and performance optimization.

Through-life support:

AIR NL provides inspection and monitoring services as well as maintenance refurbishment support for various plants depending on client needs.
AIR NL has the expertise and resources to provide fully integrity implementation of asset integrity management plans by development of ‘hands-on’ project teams, provision of decision support software and training services.

Acting as the client’s independent engineer, AIR NL manages projects by procurement and supervision of contracted services on behalf of the client with full responsibility for technical performance of the work.

AIR NL support services include:

  • Plant-wide inspection.
  • In-service inspection.
  • Condition and life analysis.
  • Structure integrity assessment.
  • Failure investigations.
  • Risk based maintenance.
  • Inspection and repair audits.
  • On-line corrosion monitoring.
  • Maintenance management systems.
  • Life management guidelines.
  • On-site training.
  • Training course and seminars.
  • QA/QC surveillance.
  • Safety and environmental compliance.
  • Management of Plant Assessments Projects.
  • Follow-up Asset Optimisation Support.
  • Plant Asset Management Services:
    • Independent appraisal
    • Through-life support
  • Independent design/engineering appraisal and procurement consultancy.
  • Remaining life assessments and least-cost rehabilitation studies.
  • Risk-cost optimization for inspection/maintenance scheduling and performance improvement.
  • Failure investigations and preparation of repair procedures.
  • Plant integrity and life extension studies.
  • Equipment condition surveys..


AIR NL offers tank integrity management support services covering the engineering assessment and inspection of aboveground storage tanks to ensure compliance with the requirements of API 653 Standard for safe and efficient operation.

AIR NL approach to tanks that have been placed in service involves an initial condition assessment, assistance with sludge assessment and breakage, review of tank history and recommendation of the appropriate inspection, NDE and repair plan (including coating if necessary) to match your operations window.

AIR NL also provides clients with shop inspection services for new tanks to ensure compliance with API 650 or the specific design code, writing of coating specification and coating application inspection as per NACE and clients specification.

The tank integrity management services can support clients in areas such as:

  • Tank integrity assessment to API 653 standard.
  • Failure investigation.
  • NDE including radiography, diesel test, vacuum box, B-Scan and A-Scan ultrasonic inspection services.
  • MFL inspection of tank floors and repair recommendation.
  • Coating evaluation, specification and inspection.
  • CP evaluation, design and installation.
  • Internal Corrosion Evaluation.
  • Foundation evaluation.
  • Floating roof evaluation and repair inspection.
  • Evaluation of tank appurtenances including auto gauge, system mixer, nozzles, heaters, vacuum breaker, vent, sampling system, pontoons, roof drain etc. as applicable.
  • External inspection if in-service tank.
  • Floor plate replacement engineering.
  • Repair/alteration support.
  • Dismantling and reconstruction support.
  • Design and installation of secondary containment systems.
  • Design of leak detection systems


AIR NL provides clients with certified inspectors and quality assurance specialists to monitor manufacturing, repair, fabrication, welding, erection and coating application for assurance that the completed work meets the quality and applicable specification as required by client and industry practice.

Turnaround Inspection:

AIR NL shutdown inspection support is designed to ensure conformance with code requirements. This service includes:

  • Review of inspection test plan and repair procedures to ensure compliance with that applicable specification and code.
  • Pressure Vessel inspection to API 510
  • Tank inspection to API 653
  • Pressure Piping inspection to API 570
  • Coating inspection to NACE Level III

Visual Welding Inspection

  • ASME Standards
  • Shop welding
  • Welder qualifications
  • Welding procedures
  • Weld quality and dimensional verification

Coating Inspection

  • NACE Level III standard assurance
  • Pipeline coating inspection
  • Surface preparation evaluation
  • Testing for salt contamination
  • Thermal spray inspection
  • Specification assessment
  • Materials confirmation
  • Bond testing
  • Sleeve installation inspection

Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance system development and review
  • Vendor surveillance
  • Attendance at pre-production meeting to finalize details of specifications
  • Review and evaluation of manufacturer’s in-house quality control programs
  • Examination and verification of material test certificates
  • Witnessing mechanical testing and non-destructive testing.


AIR NL in collaboration with its alliance companies offers clients the latest inspection techniques. Some of these are:

  • Ultrasonic testing: thickness measurements; shear wave scans and mechanized UT examination
  • Radiographic testing including shadow shots
  • Magnetic particle: wet fluorescent or dry powder; water or solvent based
  • Liquid penetration
  • Eddy current
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  • Acoustic emission
  • Portable alloy analyzer
  • Video Inspection
  • Replica technique
  • Thermography

Field Services
Our engineers and specialists provide field services in the following areas:

  • In situ field metallography using replication
  • On-site alloy analyzing (positive materials identification)
  • Failure analysis
  • Macro and micro hardness testing
  • Strain gauging and stress analysis
  • Fire damage assessment
  • Integrity Management
  • Certification of Cranes and Lifting Appliances
  • Valve Management
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