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Marpartner Marketing Business

The main site is This business is in 4 categories;

1) Marketing Marker: (COMPULSORY FOR EVERYONE)

The main site is This business is in 4 categories;

Marketing marker (the marker) study of consumer preferences by marking. This is a questionnaire sheet, whereby the analysis of consumer choice of any specific product features. On the other hand, the marker is advertising, which has a target audience. The advertiser knows in advance how many people are viewing this ad, so its efficiency is much higher than advertising in the media, on radio, television and outdoor advertising.

Our partners are the following: SAMSUNG, MTS, PHILIPS, NOKIA, and HONDA.

In international practice, leading companies allocate an average of 40% of its revenue on advertising marker.

Here, everyone is expected to register with the sum of $188. Under this platform Registration is done through in association with the Country Rep. You buy your markers once in a year. You either buy 50markers or 100markers or even more. Each marker cost $30. If you buy 50 for example, that is: 50×30=$1500. You will be paid $630 which is (0.6x50x21 (days)). If you do the same for 100 markers, you get $1260. This $630 or $1260 is paid monthly for 12 months.

Meanwhile, As soon as you register, you are given 10 markers as bonus which will be added to your 50 or 100 everyday. That means that if you bought 50 +10, you will be paid for 60 markers every month. Markers are given only on work days, Monday-Friday. Weekends and Public holidays not inclusive.

2) Referral (light Marketing Business)- OPTIONAL

For every person you register directly, you earn instant $70. You pay $118 into the manager’s account and keep $70. For 2nd generation, you earn $30. There are different levels and bonuses.

i) Everyone who registers under PROMO receives a bonus of a phone or $233.
ii) After registration, if you introduce 3people, you get a laptop or earn $800 cash.
Total will be $1033, paid immediately but withdraw-able after 2months of transaction.

3) 3D Club.- OPTIONAL
Once you register and buy your marker, you are qualified to join this club. The main reason is to enable the members of the club get the 3D TV @ a very low cost. Members also contribute $166 per month for 3 months and earn $2000 after 3 months.

4) Silver Manager
You become a silver Manager when you’ve gotten up to 10 down-lines directly or indirectly. You are entitled to earn 8% your down-lines every month.

25 DOWN-LINES (directly or indirectly) qualifies you to open an office in a state where there is no office. You will be required to provide documents to prove the office is in existence, you will then be paid $2000 to set up the office and $1200 monthly for office maintenance. You also qualify to buy markers in bulk and resell AT A PARTICULAR PRICE STATED BY THE OFFICE.

Note that apart from registering and buying of markers which is compulsory for everyone, the 3D club, referring people and setting up of office is optional.

Please get back to us should you have any question or need clarifications at any point. This is wonderful!

If you have any questions or need our assistance in any form, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be very glad to respond. Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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