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Investment Rewards

AIR NL advocates financial independence through investing, real estate, owning businesses, and increasing one’s financial intelligence.  Wealth is measured by the number of days the income from your assets can sustain you, and financial independence is achieved when your monthly income from assets exceeds your monthly expenses.

We are committed to giving you the tools you need to help you learn to increase your cash flow, become an entrepreneur, or simply improve your financial education.  The overriding principles of achieving cash flow are:

  • Opportunity
  • Knowledge
  • Action

Regardless of whether you are currently involved in network marketing or you weighing your options to create financial freedom in your life, click here

“Cash Flow Quadrant” Model illustrates the 4 ways people earn money in any society.


The idea, Robert Kiyosaki states is to transition from the left side of the quadrant, the employee” and “self employed” quadrants to the right side or the “big business” or “Investor” side of the quadrant.  This graph really illustrates the way people get paid in any society.  The people on the left side of the quadrant work for money while the people on the right side of the quadrant have money and people working for them.  The people on the left side pay through the nose in taxes while the people on the right get significant tax breaks.  As an employee or self employed person when you stop working you stop making money.  This is a problem.  And these people often only get paid from one source of income.  Another problem the average employee or self employed person faces because if something happens to that one income stream that can be financially devastating.  AIR NL Endeavour’s to work you through the right path of the business model for financial freedom.

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